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How To Use Email To Transform How We Work

Today we use too much time working in our mail boxes searching for information. Some analysts says that we use more or less 28 hours a week working with email. That is in fact nearly three full workdays. So we… Read More ›

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Hate email? Tomorrow there is a New Way to Work

Really fed up with good old fashioned email? Fed up with full mailboxes with a chaos of important messages and even more unimportant ones? Fed up with all the email that make you unfocused and destroy your daily workplan? Do… Read More ›

96 % say change is imperative to become a successful business

– We need to change our culture! A new study from Booz & Company shows that 96 % of respondents think culture change is needed in their organization.  It is quite interesting to read some of the results from the study:… Read More ›

My TEDx talk: How to do less and get more done!

Is it really possible to get more done by doing less? In my opinion, yes! But to succeed you have to focus, focus and focus! It is not a question about time management. No one has ever seen nor touched… Read More ›

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