Readers from all over the world!

The top ten countries from where my readers come.

Who is actually reading this blog? Where do they come from? The answer is simple: They come from all over the world.

Since I moved from writing in Norwegian to English my readers group have expanded to a lot of new countries outside Scandinavia (Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are similar languages and understood beyond the three borders).

I have had a look at the statistics from february this year and up till today and find that Norwegians are still the biggest group of readers – about the double of USA which is next (numer twwo) on the list. Then comes Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland and India. In that order.

Nice to see that interest for Social Business goes beyond borders, geographies, religions, politics and races. It also make it clear that my decision to change to english was the right thing to do!

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