Channel Web: Microsoft bør bli skremt av Ubuntu’s siste versjon

– While it’s only in its beta stage, and just a few days into it at that, the latest version of the free Ubuntu Linux-based desktop operating system is stunning on several important levels that should keep Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) worried well throughout the rest of the year.

Det er nettstedet Channel Web som skriver dette. Og de fortsetter hyllesten av den nye versjonen av operativsystemet Linux Ubuntu.

– The Ubuntu community, shepherded by the company Canonical, has delivered not only its fastest operating system to date but has included so many flourishes that are relevant to today’s PC market that it should receive much stronger consideration in competitive engagements than ever before. From social networking to security to desktop cloud services, the Beta 1 of Ubuntu 10.04, the so-called Lucid Lynx version, leaves Windows 7 behind in several areas with tightly integrated applications.

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