Europa velger Lotus

Eurocities, en organisasjon som binder sammen ansatte i mer enn 140 større byer i over 30 europeiske land, har valgt programvare fra IBM for å hjelpe medlemmene til å samarbeide innenfor sosial- og miljøsektoren.

Programvare som f.eks. WebSphere Portal, Lotus Domino og Lotus Quickr skal medvirke til felles interaktive websider og gjøre det mulig for brukerne å samarbeide i sanntid. Den nye infrastrukturen og teknologiene fra IBM Lotus skal levere en lettere tilgjengelig og stabil samarbeidsplattform enn man har hatt hittil. Blant annet ønsker man å bidra til høyere effektivitet og mindre epost-bruk.

Her er hele pressemeldingen:

New on-line forum to help Europe’s big cities improve conditions for citizens

Brussels, 5 August 2010 – EUROCITIES, an organization connecting the local government employees in more than 140 large cities in over 30 European countries, has chosen IBM (NYSE: IBM) software to help its members collaborate on improving social, environmental and economic conditions for citizens.

Focused on lobbying and facilitating networking around key issues affecting citizens, EUROCITIES provides an intranet for its members to share knowledge and ideas, exchange experiences, analyze common problems and develop solutions through forums, working groups, projects, activities and events.
Prior to selecting IBM, EUROCITIES members did not have all the necessary tools to be able to efficiently collaborate across borders. After reviewing several proposals, EUROCITIES chose IBM software to help launch a new collaborative online experience for its members and constituents.
EUROCITIES is using IBM software to create a new interactive website that will facilitate real-time knowledge sharing among its members. IBM is providing EUROCITIES with a technology infrastructure which is more reliable and accessible than its previous system. For example, the EUROCITIES system will also help local government members work more efficiently by reducing overheads and e-mail traffic.
“The new web environment based on IBM software will bring a much-needed technological added-value to our network and create the conditions for smarter local government in Europe,” said EUROCITIES Communications Director, Nicola Vatthauer. “EUROCITIES member cities in turn will be better able to help each other solve problems and come up with new ideas to improve the lives of citizens.”

Key features on the new website will include:

* 1. A Who’s Who section: Every member will have a user profile with information that can be more easily changed or updated. Attributes will be used on member profiles to link a member with, for example, specific topics and functions. These attributes will be used by the mailing system to automate distribution lists and by the access rights to build groups.
* 2. Mailing system contact source: The contacts application will be used as a source to compose distribution lists in the mailing system. Attributes stored for each contact, such as function or country, will be used to query the contact database and build distribution groups.
* 3. Forums and working groups: This is an area where member cities can work together across topics like culture, economy, environment and social affairs. Each group has a dedicated landing page, a collection of related documents, as well as news and events. Functions like check-in and -out, version control and workflow allow workgroups to collaborate more efficiently around the latest versions of information.
* 4. Personalized secure Portal framework: Members are provided with a personalized workspace where they can work with information which is relevant to their group membership, role and access rights.

IBM software behind the scenes
IBM WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management software is being used to manage the public site in combination with the member’s only site. The site will feature one entry point for both the public and members and a log-in page that will automatically customize for each visitor.
The member list and new mailing system and events database will be simpler and quicker to update with IBM Lotus Domino.
IBM Lotus Quickr software will help members share and jointly edit documents, as well as customize and personalize member profiles.
IBM Partner Pixelixir will work with EUROCITIES to implement the new web presence in the coming months.

EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities, which brings together the local governments of over 140 cities in more than 30 countries. Its strategic vision is to influence and work with the EU institutions to respond to common issues that impact the day-to-day lives of Europeans. The network’s activities address a wide range of policies concerning economic development and cohesion policy, the provision of public services, climate change, energy and environment, transport and mobility, employment and social affairs, culture, education, information and knowledge society, as well as governance and international cooperation. Cities need to apply for membership to gain access to the network’s information services, funding information and working groups.