DU kan bidra til å utforme fremtidens Lotus-produkter

Få teknologi-leverandører i IT-industrien jobber så tett med kundene og forhandlerne som IBM Collaboration Solutions. Ved Lotusphere 2011 kan du delta direkte i programvareutviklingen ved å bidra med idéer og tips både rundt funksjonalitet og grensesnitt!

Utviklingsavdelingen til IBM Collaboration Solutions arrangerer en rekke seminarer og workshops. Og nå har de også opprettet User Experience Lab der du kan forhåndsbestille tid for spesielle behov, eller bare stikke innom for å få med deg siste nytt om hva som skjer innen utvikling av nye produkter, funksjoner og brukergrensesnitt.

Du finner User Experience Lab i rom Asia 4 der de har følgende åpningstider: Mandag 11:00 – 18:00, Tirsdag 09:30 – 18:00, Onsdag 09:30 – 18:00, Torsdag 09:30 – 11:00. For sesjoner som omhandler kun Lotus Notes, booker du tid ved å sende en epost til Sheri Branco ( og for andre sesjoner sender du en epost til Julie Forgo at ( Husk å oppgi hvilke sesjoner du ønsker å delta på! Se liste nedenfor!

Social Networking and Team-based Document Management

Help to Design Lotus Connections Next – Joe Russo, Ethan Perry, Velda Bartek
Give us input on various Connections Next design proposals including a community calendar, document library integration, microblogging improvements and more. We are also interested in hearing your feedback on the existing user experience of Lotus Connections 3.0 through an interactive user test.

Vulcan Navigation and Integration – Marty Moore, Ethan Perry, Velda Bartek
Try out an interactive prototype and give us feedback on our latest designs for collaborating in context and moving from one application to another.

Top Tasks – Velda Bartek, Sonal Starr
Tell us which social collaboration user tasks are most important to your company. We will use your input to focus our efforts on improving usability for the most important and frequent tasks.

The Power of Social Analytics – Andy Schirmer
Social analytics looks at interactions and associations among people and ideas in order to provide knowledge and insight that helps people be more productive and make better decisions. See an example story and help us identify the use cases that would be most valuable to you and your customers.

What’s your social Outlook? – Mary Beth Raven
Test-drive some Social Networking plug-ins to Microsoft Outlook from Lotus Connections 3.0. See what Connections adds to the Outlook Social Connector, and give us feedback on design ideas for additional integration between Lotus Connections and MS Outlook.

Business-to-Customer Solutions

Shape the future of Project Northstar and the Customer Experience Suite – Jon Harris
See the future design direction of IBM’s Project Northstar and the Customer Experience Suite and tell us what you think about the design strategy for Websphere Portal, Lotus Web Content Management, Campaign Management, Analytics, and Collaboration. How can we help you create exceptional web experiences for your customers?

Productivity Tools

Participate in Designing Symphony – Chilton Wang
Try out feature prototype and concepts in Symphony. Give me your valuable feedback and what you most expect to see in the following releases.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Sametime Moving Forward – Amy Travis
Come talk to me about what you most want to see in future Sametime releases. Is it better integration with other products? A cool feature that we’re missing? Better support for a particular platform? I’d like to hear your thoughts!

See and Be Seen! Speak and Be Heard! Using Voice and Video in Sametime Meetings – Jodi Rajaniemi
Talk to me about Sametime Meetings futures, Sametime Audio/Video, telephony integration, or any other related voice and video topics in Sametime Meetings.

Sametime on the Go – Joe Scherpa
Test drive our mobile Sametime innovations for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. Share your thoughts about Sametime Instant Messaging and Sametime Advanced, including your feedback on future designs.

Making calls with Sametime and SUT – Tracee Wolf
Talk to me about using Sametime to make and receive calls, and other call related tasks. I’m interested in hearing how you’d like to see calling work with your future use of Sametime.

Notes 8.5.1 and Beyond

New Connections Plug-ins for Notes! – Mary Beth Raven
Check out the new Files sidebar and the new Status updates sidebar that connects Connections 3.0 to Lotus Notes! Participate in one or more usability tests and help us improve these plug-ins for the next version.

Lotus iNotes Top Tasks – Sheri Branco
Participate in a brief survey to assess the relative importance of tasks within the Lotus iNotes product. Your input is important to this process and will be used in combination with other data to influence user experience work.

Mobile Solutions

Lotus Connections Mobile next – Andy Schirmer Joe Scherpa, Chris Reckling, Marty Moore
Come talk to us about your enterprise mobile needs. Try out NEW prototypes. Experience the latest Sametime Mobile client. Provide feedback on Lotus Notes Traveler and other mobile products.

Technical Documentation: Lotus Knows Information Matters

Lotus Notes Help is getting a makeover! – Julie Brown
Participate in a usability test to explore the new help and give us your feedback.

Visit the One-Stop Shop for All Your Product Doc Needs – Dana Liburdi
Hear all about it… mobile support, media gallery, user profiles, and more! Rank new wiki features and tell us what to work on this year! Share your ideas and let us know what’s on your mind concerning Lotus product information.

Roundtable discussions

LotusLive Use Cases and Requirements – Ethan Perry, Sonal Starr
Are you collaborating on LotusLive or considering it? Come share the use cases which are most important to you – whether related to collaborating across company lines, sharing internally, or leveraging LotusLive communities.

Community Customization – Joe Russo
If you’ve ever wanted to tailor the experience of your community join this discussion. We will talk about new ways to modify the layout of the community overview as well as which collaboration tools are used within the community.

Sametime Meetings Content and Room Expiration – Amy Travis
Give your thoughts on the best approaches for managing Sametime meeting rooms and the content in them. What capabilities are most important for us to build?

Notes Next Prioritization – Sheri Branco, Margo Ezekiel, John Lance
Participate in our UX prioritization exercise. We need your help in assigning priority to each item on our list of potential UX changes for Notes Next.

Chalk Talks

Group Design for All – Joe Russo
Collaboration software leverages groups in many ways. Explore an easier way to interact with Directory Groups. In addition, we’ll share a design using the invitation model to allow groups access to Lotus Connections Communities.

User Experience Requirements and Enhancements for Files – Velda Bartek, Ethan Perry
See new organization features for Files such as folders and pinning as well as future plansfor foldering and modified files views. Provide your input on Lotus Connections and LotusLive Files UX requirements and enhancements.

Meet the Sametime Design Team – Amy Travis, Tracee Wolf, Joe Scherpa, Jodi Rajaniemi, Velda Bartek
Come to a live session with members of the Sametime Design team, and talk with us about future design directions.