Lotus Quickr selger som “hakka møkk”…

Det er mye hype rundt SharePoint for tiden. Men Microsoft holder kortene tett til brystet og oppgir ingen tall. Da er det interessant å se utviklingen som Vaughan Rivett opplever i sitt hjemland New Zealand for tiden.

It has been interesting to see New Zealand businesses take an interest in Lotus Quickr in favor of Microsoft SharePoint over the past few weeks. I have never sold so many services and licenses around quickr before.

It would appear to me that companies are looking for solutions which will allow for the collaborative sharing of documents. The reason that Quickr is winning over SharePoint is that it is ready to go straight out of the box without too many customizations. Watch this space as I am going to have plenty more to say about Lotus Quickr in the future.

Customers are complaining about the hidden costs in deploying SharePoint, along with the ongoing costs to get it to a state in which it will work for their business. I understand that in a lot of cases, Microsoft is giving away licenses for SharePoint, but unfortunately, this is just a marketing strategy for additional Microsoft License purchases.

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2 thoughts on “Lotus Quickr selger som “hakka møkk”…

  1. Hi,

    Is this mainly because of the price range or quality? I presume sharepoint is more prominent than it’s counterpart.


    1. Functionality, ease of use, integration with other systems ( i.e. Microsft Office, Sharepoint etc.), flexibility, open platform and choice of OS, and licence and prizing policy.


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