MyNotesBlog – now in english!

The decision is made. From now on will be published in english.

More than 80 % of my foreign (outside Norway) readers voted for english, while also more than 50 % of my Norwegian readers voted for english!

So the decision is made. English from now on.

As Norwegian is my native language I will not be able to write in English to the same standards I do Norwegian, but I hope my English will be better than what the Google Translator translates from Norwegian to English.

So bear with me, dear readers! I will do my best! And please do your best to help me make a true social business by collaborating – with me and your fellow readers. Comments are warmly welcome. Articles and letters from the readers are warmly welcome in my blog.

News are specially welcome! This is a news and comments channel!

Send me tips, links, pictures, events, stories and other stuff you think might be of interest for my readers. Those who have followed me knows that this is not a technical blog for the techies, the gadget freaks and the nerds, but a blog for those interested in the principles, the strategies and the philosophy of social business. And of course – the competitive environment in this field.

So – let me hear from you all – and welcome!

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  1. From the above it looks to me like your English is very good, well done.

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