Does Social Software have any value?

If you are in doubt wether social software has any value for your company or not – do like you always do: Measure it!

Well, thats easy to say and more complex to do. Maybe that is the reason for so many managers say: – Social is a waste of time and money. We make refrigerators. What is so social about that?

They believe “social” is what their kids do. Facebook. Kids stuff.

But is it really? Why not give “social” a chance, read up on it, have a look at professional social solutions for businesses. And why not measure the value of it and make it a business case?

– How do I do that, you might ask. Easy. There is help. IBM has published a new White Paper with the title “Measuring the value of social software”.

The white paper looks at how to measure the effectiveness and value of a social software initiative, what tools are available to capture key metrics, and what to take into consideration when establishing a measurement approach.

  • Contents
  • Why measure?
  • Defining objectives
  • Types of measurement
  • Measurement levels
  • Measurement tools
  • Sample reports
  • Creating a measurement approach

Download the White Paper here (PDF)!