Ginny Rometty visited my home office!

After her first day in her new role, IBM’s CEO Ginny Rometty, visited my home office!

She actually looked me into my eyes and told me about her dreams and visions for IBM in the time ahead. Good old Sam Palmisano never did that. He was a good boss, but he only sent me an email where I were only one of more than 400.000 receivers. Nothing wrong with that, but Ginny looked me into my eyes. And that means a lot more to me. It creates trust!

What Ginny did was establishing a community called THINKtogether in our internal social network IBM Connections and published a video where she spoke about her thoughts and visions for the future. This was a very personal way to do it and made me feel like she talked to me only.

I call this good communication. She did it the way an excellent communicator should. Engaged, confident, friendly and trustworthy.

And the community she established gave the community members an opportunity to comment on her message. She let the door open for dialogue with her fellow IBM’ers.

This tells me that Ginny Rometty is already showing leadership by using the new way of working – via social collaboration tools – not by using the old and boring email technique.

This tells me that Ginny ( I always use the first name of people who have visited me at home) is a true social collaborator and understands fully what a Social Business is.