Is social business the reason for IBM’s success?

Yes! That is my short answer to the title of the post.

A year ago I traveled around Norway on a Lotus Roadshow presenting Social Business as a concept for transforming businesses into a new age.

One of my foils showed the value growth of IBM shares vs. Microsoft shares from 2005 to 2011. Why I chose 2005? Because that was the year IBM wrote the first business guidelines for the use of social media and started with our first steps within a new way of collaboration.

One of the most imperative reasons for IBM’s success is the fact that the use of social collaborate tools has made it possible for the company’s 400.000 employees to increase their personal productivity, get access to relevant information faster and build a sharing culture.

Of course it is not the social collaboration tools only that is the reason for this success, but it is a main part of it.

IBM Connections and IBM LotusLive are now the main tools I use for collaboration both internally and externally in my daily work for IBM. At the end of each work day there are only five emails I have not dealt with. These maximum five emails are flagged and is the first actions I do on the following workday.

I move more and more of my collaboration both with colleagues and customers into IBM Connections (internally) and IBM LotusLive (externally). I use Communities and Activities heavily and thus have full control of everything (documents, presentations, emails, files, todo’s, plans, links, deadlines etc.) on every matter I deal with.

And it has changed my life from having my head and brain capacity totally occupied by my email inbox – to having structure and better brain bandwidth for creative thinking.

Mark Fidelman has written an interesting article in Business Insider sharing some of the same thoughts I have myself. He also take a look at the share value asking if the use of social collaboration tools is the reason for the growth.

Read his article here!