Social kudos releases energy in your business!

Ever wanted to tap a colleague on the shoulder and say ” Well done!” but not being able to do that because this colleague was on the other side of the earth?

ImageMy father, who had his management skills from the army, once told me: – If you want to criticize someone for doing a bad job then do it under four eyes. But if you want to honor them for a well done job, do it in public!

My father was wise man. But he lived in those days when social business was practiced face-to-face and you could formerly smell a mans fear or joy.

In todays fragmented world, where we are all over the world and our employees and bosses are spread around, unable to meet you face-to-face. How do you do that?

Give them a Kudo on the social intranet! Let the whole company see that this man/woman has done a hell of a good job and is an excellent employee! In IBM we use a small widget called BlueThanks where we send out gratitude to someone we think deserve it.

ImageImageFor those of you using IBM Connections there is a super solution for this. The IBM Business Partner ISW has made a solution named Kudos Badges. With this you can send Kudos to those you mean has earned them. And the Kudos Badges will show on their profile page!

Remember all those badges you earned when you were a scout? Remember how proud you were? Remember how you looked up to those who had more badges that you? Remember how much energy that gave you? How much this inspired you to get more skills and become a little better every day? That is what Kudos do to you. It empowers you and releases your energy.

So why not check it out? The link is here!

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  1. Thanks for calling out Kudos Badges Arne. We are very excited about the product and the opportunities it provides clients to drive more value from IBM Connections. I would be happy to provide yourself or your readers with a full demo. If anyone is interested you can get me on Skype (Adam.Brown), Twitter (adambrownaus or kudosbadges), or just contact us via the web site.


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