Social Business is Real Business!

Change or die!

If a modern business want to stay a modern business in today’s business climate – it has to change their way of working and collaboration – and become a true Social Business.

The headline Social Business is Real Business is the title of my speech at Software 2012, a three-day conference from 7 – 9  february, held in Oslo, Norway.

– Well, we have a page on Facebook, so we are already social! I am sure you have heard this from many IT-managers, PR and Communications Advisers, CIO’s and CEO’s. They are using a few Social Media and think they are social businesses.

It simply isn’t that simple!

What about all the internal processes? How do geographically fragmented companies collaborate internally? How do they connect with each other? How do they share knowledge? How do they find the right employees with the right skills for the right project – in minutes?

– We use email. We share documents!

So you do what all the others do? How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? And, to be honest, what value does a document have, except securing a lot of work for those who file them? Does documents make any money for your company? Even if they are shared?

Of course not! You may read as many books and documents you want, but they does not create any value until the knowledge in these documents are transformed into activities.

Only people doing activities are creating value! That is why your business has to become people and activity oriented! That is why you have to integrate social collaboration tools into every business process and into every application, so you can connect people to other people, connect people to information and create insight through the whole organization! And to achieve that you have to create a transparent organization!

It’s all about culture!

Culture eats strategy for lunch! No matter what strategy you have. It is all about your corporate culture. A culture of sharing and collaborating transparently.

A true Social Business does more than using public social media channels. That is well enough for marketing, media and public relations. But it does not make your company and employees more skilled, more effective, more engaged, more nimble.

Therefore you have to rethink how you do your business internally. Find out how you can connect every employees brain cells together so that they become more creative together, use their collective IQ for the company’s and their own growth and value.

That is, shortly, what Social Business is all about.

I will talk more about that at the Software 2012 Conference. See you there!