The Lotusphere Podcast – worth listening to!

Wow! One of my Norwegian customers has been interviewed on The Lotusphere Podcast!

Kaj Benjaminsen has been working with the yellow stuff for years and years at Orkla Shared Services. The company is owned by one of Norway’s biggest companies with thousands and thousands of Lotus Notes users.

Kaj is a regular at Lotusphere for years back and I know him very well as he works in the same town I live in. And we often meet at the Norwegian Lotus User Group (LSBG).

The Lotusphere Podcast is the Lotusphere 2012 version of the “must-listen-to-every-week” This Week In Lotus podcast that I download to my iPod every friday and listen to in my car.

This Week In Lotus is aired via iTunes and is run by Stuart McIntyre and Darren Duke. It has been on air as long as I can remember (I’ve got a short memory, getting older). My week is simply not perfect if I don’t get to listen to these guys every week.