Say OK, GO! to OK GO…

Opening by a band called OK GO. Not my kind of music. Boring, boring, boring. Maybe I’m getting too old?

Where is the symphony orchestra and that gorgeous lady with the violin from the good old days? Let us say OK, GO to the band…

Streaming video is not very sharp when I use my 27″ iMac screen to the full. Have to use a smaller frame and put my nose onto the screen. Well, after the band left and they started to clean the stage after them, then the music I like filled the hall and the speakers of my iMac.

Now, this looks like Lotusphere!

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  1. Well, Lotusphere is about social business. OK Go made their career via great videos on youtube. So it fits. But yeah, their music is boring.

    But check out the videos, which were also shown on the screens during the OGS.


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