Email of the future arrived today – and Microsoft got left behind

NORWAY: – Just as I predicted! Today email became a social collaboration tool, and not just email. The future of email is here today and those of you who still believe that email is email and documents are documents, sorry. You are standing on the platform while the train is leaving! And the locomotive in front of that train is named IBM.

Today IBM announced email as one of many integrated applications in a true social business. And those of you who have predicted that Lotus Notes is dead will notice that the shit just hit the fan! Lotus Notes and Domino will still be around for many years to come and now also in a new social flavour called IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Social Edition.

Today IBM also announced IBM Connections Mail where email becomes an integrated part of your intranet so you can use email from wherever you are in your workspace either as an embedded email application or as part of an activity stream.

And what you do with your laptop or desktop, you can of course do with an iPad or any mobile device – including Windows Mobile!

Even office productivity applications like document editing – text, spreadsheets and presentations – will be embedded in your workspace. You will not need to install an expensive office suite on your PC any more. It is right there on the intranet! Even document sharing will be easier and social.

As some of the presenters said today:

– Sharepoint is the documents coffin!

– IBM Social Email will outlive Outlook!

Microsoft really have to watch out as they do not catch it – the world is moving out of the silos and into the integrated social world. So if you plan to stick with Microsoft you will be left behind!

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