Iceland Government: Yes to Open Source!

ImageThe Government of Iceland has decided to go for Open Source within the administration, according to the European Comission. All governmental departments an offices, the city of Reykjavik and the national hospital, Rikshospitalet, will within a year start the migration to Open Source software.

A project that will end up in a common infrastructure is already started with Mr. Tryggvi Björgvinsson as the project manager. All alternative open source based software will be documented and described in the project, and all governmental managers will be educated on open source alternatives to proprietary software.

Open Source software will also be adapted in the countrys educational system. Access to Open Source will not be restricted for schools.

Björgvinsson says that governmental institutions and officed already has been migrating to Open Source for the four last years. Five out of 32 schools has already made the move. 

The government of Iceland has had a clear policy on Open Source since 2008. The policy says that Open Source based software should be considered equal to other proprietary software to make sure that one alsways does the best buy – based on price and functionality.