Sorry about my “radio” silence, but there is a nice reason for it…

Dear reader;

I have to apologize to You for not being as active on my blog as I should have been lately. There is no excuse for this, but some positive explanations.

For the last month I have been fully booked with customer meeting, presentations, seminars, events and business travel. I have never in my whole professional life been so busy and had such a full calendar. For the last two weeks I have been constantly in and out of airplanes and hotels. I did not even have time to go to Madrid, Spain, with my colleagues to update at IBM software group’s spring kickoff and education event.

So why is it so busy? Social Business! Social Business! Social Business!

Norwegian customers are so curious on IBM’s Social Business concept, that they hardly can wait for meetings and workshops. Prospective customers I have hardly heard about now want to hear more about Social Business, event makers want IBM to talk about Social Business at their conferences, Established IBM Business Partners want IBM to join them i customer meetings. New Business Partners want to know more about Social Business.

And even wall-to-wall Microsoft customers wants to know more about IBM’s Social Business concept, business model and social collaboration solutions. Most of those Microsoft-customers I have met for a brief presentation wants to have a workshop for a deeper dive into IBM Connections and how our solution can improve their MS Office and MS Sharepoint solutions.

I have even heard about Microsoft customers moving from MS Outlook to IBM Notes these days!

So – there is certainly something going on in the collaboration market. IBM collaboration solutions grew by double-digit last quarter. Things are moving fast and the time window is wide open for us all to bring these fantastic solutions to the market.

Therefore I want every single one of you who find that IBM’s social collaboration solutions make a positive difference to your work day – to go out there an evangelize! There is more “food” than I can “chew” myself!

And if you are situated in Norway – contact me to book a meeting for a Social Business Model presentation, whether you are a IBM Business Partner or want to become a IBM Business Partner. Whether you are an existing or prospective customer. Do you want me to speak at a conference or a seminar, I’ll be there!

I am fully booked for May, but in June my calendar is open again!