Why I love my job: Giving people a better worklife

I have been working with adoption of IBM Connections at a shipping company for a while. It is very interesting and pleasant to observe the change of mind among employees who earlier worked in a closed culture with more or less compact barriers between departments.

Millions and millions of emails was the result of how they worked. Now, starting to work with social collaboration solutions they suddenly start talking about the need they have to collaborate with other departments on how they should structure the communities and share information across the company and then start activities cross borders and collaborate on solving issues around daily processes. And reduce email.

The culture is really changing from a very formal (even IT-people are wearing suits) cultural way of working to an open and sharing way of doing things. I hear them say things like:

– Even if we have a lot of ships around the world, we still are in the same boat!

– We have not set the system in production yet, but my mailbox is shrinking! My life is getting better!

I love this job!