New release of IBM Connections app for iPad and iPhone

ImageUsing IBM Connections on your iPad or iPhone? Now there is a new and updated version of the free app at Appstore. And it has a lot of new functionalities.

  • Save information for multiple Connections server accounts and easily swtich between them
  • Enhanced iPad interface with high resolution for retina devices
  • Share Profile information via email or SMS
  • Edit your profile or photo
  • View and accept network invitations
  • Securely cache your network contacts on the device Native interface for Files
  • Securely download files directly to your device
  • View or post comments
  • Share files or folders with other Connections users
  • Add files to folders
  • Support for pinning, following, or recommending a file
  • Edit file or folder properties
  • Move files or folders to trash
  • Allows viewing cached profiles or files when offline (airplane mode)
  • Quickly share status updates, upload photos, or blog posts
  • Supprts new server side app management policies
  • Rebranding of the app name
  • Enabling/disabling of app features
  • Configuring custom form based authentication
  • Add custom application extensions
  • Email based appprovisioning

I already use my iPad 3 for most of my daily work. These functionalities will make it even easier, and my travel bag will become less heavy as I now have less use of my laptop which is a superlight MacBook Air with an SSD disk. The only times I have use of my laptop hereafter, is when I want to do demos in the MacOS environment.

One thing I learned in my life as a scout, professional soldier, press photographer, journalist:

Travel as light as You can.

Now I do!