Sharepointers will envy this: IBM Connections on iPad is simply fantastic!

Hello there all Sharepoint users! Think your Sharepoint is easy to use on a handheld device? Oh, shut up! You don’t know what your’e talking about! Go test out IBM Connections on an iPad and You are i Heaven! Yes, I mean it: You are in Heaven.

I have now downloaded installed and tested IBM Connections on my iPad and connected it to my Connections account at IBM via VPN. And I must say I am impressed by my employers skills on how to build an application that is so beautiful to look at, so easy to use, and also gives me access to everything I need in my daily work from wherever I am.

I have access to all my 420 000 colleagues profiles around the world, all the updates in my social network, all the activities I participate in, all the internal blogs, all the bookmarks that colleagues share, all the files I share and others share with me, all the forums, all the wikis and all the communities!

This is simply the greatest stuff I have seen on an iPad, ever!

So, to all you “sharepointers” – go get yourself IBM Connections on top of your Sharepoint, get yourself a handheld device (preferably an iPad) and get a new and simpler worklife!

Get a life!

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