Sharepointers will envy this: IBM Connections on iPad is simply fantastic!

Hello there all Sharepoint users! Think your Sharepoint is easy to use on a handheld device? Oh, shut up! You don’t know what your’e talking about! Go test out IBM Connections on an iPad and You are i Heaven! Yes, I mean it: You are in Heaven.

I have now downloaded installed and tested IBM Connections on my iPad and connected it to my Connections account at IBM via VPN. And I must say I am impressed by my employers skills on how to build an application that is so beautiful to look at, so easy to use, and also gives me access to everything I need in my daily work from wherever I am.

I have access to all my 420 000 colleagues profiles around the world, all the updates in my social network, all the activities I participate in, all the internal blogs, all the bookmarks that colleagues share, all the files I share and others share with me, all the forums, all the wikis and all the communities!

This is simply the greatest stuff I have seen on an iPad, ever!

So, to all you “sharepointers” – go get yourself IBM Connections on top of your Sharepoint, get yourself a handheld device (preferably an iPad) and get a new and simpler worklife!

Get a life!


  1. To be fair, mobile apps serve a completely different purpose than SharePoint… SharePoint is web-enablement of Microsoft Office, with workflow tossed on top. It is not intended to compete with mobile apps.

    But you are correct in that Microsoft’s utter inability to truly escape their PC-based history may ultimately be their, and Sharepoint’s downfall.


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