Innovation: Has Microsoft left the building?

– The King has left the building! I always remember the deep voice announcing that Elvis Presley just left after one of his concerts. I am old enough to remember Elvis, even though I never experienced him live.

Last evening I watched the replay of Apple’s latest Key Note where they were presenting tons and tons of new inventions. Not only on the hardware side, but lots of new and smart apps and solutions that I will immediately install as soon as I can get hold of them.

Why this eagerness?

Because I want to work even smarter and make both my job life and private life easier. I want to reduce my workload – nothing less, nothing more.

No doubt that Apple is the leading force regarding new innovations for mobile people like me. And my own employer IBM is running close to them with their new social business and collaboration applications for professionals. All my IBM systems run smoothly on any OS that I choose!

But where is Microsoft? Any new innovations that will rock the way we work? Any new ideas that will change the world? Hardly so. Even if they seem to rule the world with their Office-package that gets new design every second year and is sold as a new version every time. Same shit, new wrapping if you ask me.

Sharepoint you say? No come on! I have not met a single customer that uses Sharepoint and is pleased with it. Most customers I meet that use Sharepoint says things like:

– It’s so old fashioned.

– It does not do what we thought it would do!

– It’s too complex.

– It takes too much time and money to make it what it should be.

– It’ s just a lot of websites.

It is nearly a year since I returned my Think Pad to the IBM warehouse. But then I had not used it for a year, so why should it take up space on my desk?

I am only using hardware from Apple nowadays. Despite the fact I work for IBM. I use iMac at my home office, MacBook Air on travel, iPad when I want to travel light – and I do very much so, being an old man.

And off course I use an iPhone.

And I observe that the iPad takes over more and more of my daily work. I do my mail there. I do my presentations there. I do my internal chat there. I do my audio calls there. I do my web meetings there. I do my internal social collaboration there. It seems I do everything there!

Why? Because Apple and IBM is making my work day easier. And my life brighter. No other reason.

So, what happened to Microsoft? Have they totally left the building?