What people think about IBM: Innovative and safe choice!

– Innovative, strategic and good partner, good products and good service! These are the reasons customers buy from IBM according to a PNA survey done at IBM Pulse 2012.

On the question “My chief perception of IBM is that they are…” the respondents say this:

  • 35 % Good Partner
  • 27 % Innovative
  • 14 % Safe choice

On the question “The top reason we buy from IBM is because…” the respondents say this:

  • 41 % Strategic partner
  • 35 % Good Products & Services
  • 17 % Good support

Interesting to see expressions like Innovative, Strategic Partner, Good Products and Services, plus Safe Choice used about a company of IBM’s size. It is not very often one see a company as both innovative and a safe choice. I am impressed.

Source: Mike Karp