Today: Zero mail in my inbox – social tools takes over

Today, at close of office, my inbox counted zero, nil, nada email! Finally after 15 years in IBM, and a lote more years before that with email as my main collaboration tool. I am free – at last!

Email has been here for years and will stay here for years. But in your work situation you will see less email and more use of social ways of collaborating with colleagues and external partners. For me this superb change started some years ago when I was introduced to corporate social tools within IBM.

For the last few years my email use has lowered intensly. Nearly a year ago I was down to maximum five “leftovers” when I closed my workday. This was mainly done by prioritizing emails after the GTD principle – and the fact that I don’t read, but delete, email that does not consider me directly.

Along with that I started using our internal social collaboration tools to share, talk and collaborate internally. This means mainly IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and SUT (Sametime Unified Telephony).

With customers and outsiders I work with the similar tools that is available in the Cloud – known as IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.

Part of all these tools are the microblogging functionalities that Sandy Carter talks about in the video below.

If you would like me to demonstrate how I do all this stuff, just call and I’ll give you a live demo over the internet or come to your site (Norway).

Now have a look at the video. Would’nt it be nice to work that way?


    1. What I mean by that is email that does not relate to me with any needed actions! If the email should be very important and I have deleted it, the sender will surely send it again when no response is returned from me..

      I follow the GTD principles!


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