Lazy people work smarter: That is why I use Lotus Notes and become more effective!

Lazy people work smarter!

Personal Effectiveness is not about Time Management, but Activity Management and Social Activities. An updated version of Lotus Notes with all the social plugins, is the best tool I have ever tested to make me work smarter.

In a former career I was an advisor and speaker on Personal Effectiveness. My interest in this field started with a short engagement as Sales Manager for Time Manager International in Norway. We went all time high in six months. Why? Because we worked smarter. We did not have all the time in the world to turn the business around from red to black numbers.

What we said to ourselves was: We only have this one chance! We have to do it right the first time. We have to do top quality on the first try. We do not want to do it again and again. Let us do it easy for ourselves. Let us be lazy!

Time is unstoppable!

So this started my interest for the GTD principles and the Time Manager Philosophy. But it also made me understand that it is not at all about “Time Management” but about “Activity Management”. Because – what can you do about time? Nothing!

Time does not pass by and fly away! Time is a sustainable resource. Time does not pass, time comes to you. Every day of your life you get 24 hours. It is the most democratic resource in the world. You only get more than the rest of us if you live longer.

It is all about activities!

It is all about what you make out of those 24 hours – the activities you fill your time with. Time is just a budget where you spread your activities. So it is all about what you do, and when you do it. It is about doing the right things. And the right things are those who give you the results You want!

I sort my activities in three categories:

A – Activities that leads directly to fulfill my (or my employers) business idea.

B – Activities that support the A activities

C – Activities I do not want to do

So how do I use this?

I try to focus and schedule 80 % of my work time on the A activities. In my job that means facing customers in many ways (keynotes, presentations, demos – either face-to-face or via social tools like WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, IBM Connections, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business, IBM Sametime, IBM Meetings etc.).

The B activities I delegate to other who have those as their A activities (like booking flights and hotels or stuff that others do better than me).

The C activities I simply do not do!

So what happens to those 20 % time left?

Well, have you ever experienced a work day when everything went as planned and hoped for? No, you have not. Neither have I. That is why I only book 80 % of my 7 hours daily work time. The 20 % I need to all the ad-hoc activities and fire alarms that always pop up during a normal work day. So, in fact, I have planned for the mockups!

So what has all this to do with Lotus Notes?

Simply because Lotus Notes is the best tool I have ever used for Personal Effectiveness. And I have tested a lot of them. A lot! Even David Allen, the founder of the GTD method (GTD = Get Things Done) loves Lotus Notes and has build applications for this fantastic social collaboration platform.

But if you do not know how to work smarter with Lotus Notes and use all the social functions it offers, then you will fall behind. Using Lotus Notes as an ordinary email client, is like having bought a Boeing 747 when all you need is a bike.

So to get the most out of you Lotus Notes! Check what version you use. If the version number is lower than 8.5.3 go to your IT department and ask them to upgrade to the latest version and with all the good stuff plugged in.

And HERE are some awesome tips on how to work smarter with Lotus Notes!


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