1. You are presuposing that people like using social websites.

    I hate facebook, linked In, etc. Twitter is very usefull, but in my vioew the vast majority of social web sites are just a waste of time.

    An e-mail is quick and easy evberything is one one place you have a very rich enviroment (if you are using Lotus Notes), You can easily add attachement screen shots use colour high lighting etc. Most of which you cant do in any Social website or if you can its much harder.

    Facebook and its like will not be such a big issues in 5 years time. People will ahve moved on but e-mail will still be there.

    In my view you way over estimate the importance and the value of sites like facebook and Linked In.


        1. Kind of. I now only store a file at one single place, and share it from there. I hardly ever send an attachment by email anymore and I have full version-, access- and download control.
          I dele mostly all incoming cc mail, and pick up the phone to clear out things instead of sending emails back and forth for every question in a dialogue.
          I hate mailthreads and mailinglist discussions. They confuse me and steal time from me looking for the exact mail I need. Now I prefer discussions in groups both internally and externally – sharing knowledge with more than one on the same amount of time over the keyboard. Faster, easier and more effective – and less time consuming.


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