IBM Connections grows faster than Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Only Facebook has a faster growth rate than IBM Connections. 

When people talk about social networks they mostly talk about services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Naturally! These are open networks reaching out to everybody. But they forget to count in the professional social networks that is implemented for internal use in businesses and organizations.
The graph on the left shows how many months it took for each of these social networks to get their first million users. IBM Connections was only beaten by Facebook!
And to be clear – the number for IBM Connections does not include the appx. 400.000 internal users within IBM, and only include “authorized users of licences sold” not only sold licences.
Off course the different systems reached their first million of users at different times, but even though the comparison shows at what speed these social networks has been adopted.
Businesses and organizations are adopting social intranets with a speed rate close to Facebook. There is a revolution going on and this will make a big change in the way we work.
If your business is not into this trend yet you better hurry up before your competitors get ahead of you. Internal social networks makes you business more agile, get more out of the collective brain, moves faster, makes more revenue, get higher profit and better customer ratings than those who don’t.
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