SharePoint 2010: Why after two years is it still so hard?

SharePoint 2010: Why after two years is it still so hard? This question is asked by Dachis Group, one of the worlds leading social business consulting companies. Dachis Group powers the design, development, management, and measurement of Social Business solutions for the world’s leading companies.  

With Microsofts acquisition of Yammer in mind, Dachis Group has posted an interesting article on their site where they discuss SharePoint and why SharePoint suffers from a host of worst practices for adoption.
Despite the fact that SharePoint has reached 125 million users in just over two years Dachis Group face some issues in adoption of the system. 
In the early days of any typical SharePoint project, we often catch an undercurrent of thought that is not often explicit, but makes SharePoint implementations harder to embed and adopt as time goes on. These are centred primarily around the user experience, namely;
  • “SharePoint is an intuitive product.”
  • “SharePoint doesn’t require training.”
  • “SharePoint integrates seamlessly in MS Office, and therefore users like it.”
In our experience, every one of the above points is a deeply held belief by IT decision-makers, but just isn’t true from a user perspective. 
And they have more to say about SharePoint issues and barriers for a good adoption:
Siloed information: One of the biggest selling points for SharePoint has been its ability to break down silos of information. The reality however is that in many cases it either re-enforces existing silos or creates a new one.
Confusing Navigation: This barrier is strongly linked to the information silo issue that we highlighted above. Using the native SharePoint navigation framework can lead to confusing global/site navigation experiences, inconsistency across sites, and no obvious ownership or governance for the information architecture (navigation, tagging schemes and search). These issues frequently lead to very confused users!
Adoption: If usage of a system was equal to adoption, then SharePoint would be in an even stronger position within organizations today. Unfortunately, organizations equate usage with adoption and fail to offer critical training and support. Over time, the lack of these critical elements is compounded to disastrous effect.

Dachis Group is now announcing an upcoming series of blogposts, webinars and events looking at the common pain points of a SharePoint implementation. Read their blogpost here!

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