Must Read: Activities – the unsung hero of IBM Connections

I often stumble upon nice reads on the internet. Today it happened again. An excellent blogpost on one of my favorite themes – how to be smart, work effectively and get a better life.

This blogpost (check the link below) is all about one of the smartest functionalities in IBM Connections; Activities. This is a function that I use every day and a lot. An Activity in IBM Connections is in my mind a small project with notes, meeting minutes, workflow, to-do’s and everything you need to collaborate with others around small (and big) projects.

I use it to plan seminars, roadshows, customer activities and other stuff I work on. This I do with Activities in IBM Connections – the social collaboration solution we use internally in IBM.

To collaborate with external contacts as customers and partners, I use the same functionality in IBM SmartCloud for Social Business where I invite customers and partner into Activities we have in common and share plans, to-do’s, meeting minutes, presentations, documents and other relevant stuff. My external contacts does not need to buy their own access as I as a licenced user may give them free guest accounts.

Now read the blogpost! And thank you Alan Hamilton!