Notes To-Do’s are coming to your device!

At last! To-Do’s in IBM Notes has now arrived on your device.

ImageI have wanted it for a long, long time. I live by the GTD-principles (Getting Things Done) and I am a To-Do-list junkie. If it’s not on my activities list, it’s simply not being done! So I have used a lot of different systems: Nozbee, To-Do, Omnifocus, Things and for the time being 2Do. All these have the functionality that I can sort and structure my activities into groups, projects and to-do’s. Allocate them to certain dates and times, give them a context – and also tag them to easily find them and review them weekly.

The reason for not doing this in my excellent Notes-client was that I could not replicate my activities with my handhelds (iPad and iPhone).

But, now it is here! As part of the latest service-pack of IBM Traveller. Have a look at the screenshots below, upgrade your traveler and download the apps from iTunes.


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