My 2012 in review and some predictions for 2013

Where do my readers come from and what do they read? What happened in the year that just went by in a flash? Here is my look in the back mirror for My Notes Blog and 2012! 

The readers of My Notes Blog comes from all over the world (124 countries in all), but most of them comes from Norway, followed by United States and United Kingdom. This ranking is quite natural as it is a Norwegian originated blog originally written in Norwegian language for Norwegian readers. But even from the start I had a lot of readers around the world that used Google Translator to read my articles.


Today, at the end of the first week of 2013 I have fewer readers than in 2010. One of the reasons for this is probably that I have not been able to join Lotusphere in 2011 and 2012. I published around 50 articles and news reports from the event – more or less simultaneously as the news appeared during the event. This resulted in an all time high number of readers.

I have not been blogging as much as earlier during 2012. I would of course like to be more active and visible with my blog, but on the other hand this means I have had lot of other things to do. Which also is a good thing, thinking of what I have been doing.

2012 has been my busiest year ever – job wise. I work as a Collaboration & Social Business Evangelist for IBM Collaboration Solutions (formerly Lotus) and 2012 has been the most exciting year I have ever experienced since I joined Lotus Development Norway fifteen years ago. The company was owned 100 % by IBM at that time, but not fully integrated. After a couple of years we were merged fully into IBM SoftwareGroup and this started a truly exciting development – both in the way we do our daily work, but also regarding all the new products and solutions that has been the result.

So for me personal 2012 has been a great success. I have lost count of how many customer meetings, how many conferences, how many presentations, how many workshops, how many business travels, how many keynotes and how many sales I have done and initiated through the year. Not only in Norway, but also in Denmark and Iceland. And it has been a really great fun!

The collaboration and social business team in Norway consists of a handful of great colleagues – every one of them top skilled and a great sense of urgency and passion for business. My role has been to evangelize social business and prospect for new customers – open new cases and opportunities – so to speak. Then my colleagues comes in and take over the case and close them. After the closing and technical implementation is done – I come back to the customer to help them with the adoption – coach, train and help them implement the sharing culture and social business way of thinking – both strategically and in practice.

This model has worked perfectly and we have done our best year ever and seen extreme growth within our market. I am not allowed to disclose any sales numbers, but it is no secret that the results within the collaboration and social business market have been extremely good for IBM in Norway. Customers has really got an understanding of the importance of becoming a real social business – and even sworn Microsoft customers now call us to hear more about what we can offer now and Microsoft only offer in the future.

What do I see in the crystal bowl for 2013?

I see a big break through for IBM’s new solutions for social business and collaboration – like IBM Connections. I even see more customers that left the old versions of Lotus Notes for Microsoft Outlook show great interest for both IBM Connections and – believe it or not – IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition. (More that 1.500 customers around the world turned back to Notes last year after having had inactive licenses).


  1. It was a truely an eye opener for me to have you over here in Nov 2012, showing us the power of IBM Connections. I also am getting strong feedback from our customers already that Connections is the right tool that they are looking for . 2013 – 2014 is going to be known as the IBM Collaboration Solutions year.


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