Should I change to iPad Mini..?

I am in a dilemma. And I need Your advice! Please help out!

In my daily work I use these tools: iMac at my Home Office, MacBook Air on travel and at Headquarter + iPad 2 with a Logitech ultra thin keyboard and iPhone 4S. The iPad I use for between 50 – 75 percent of my daily work. The iPhone I do not use very much for calling as I got phone integrated in my Notes 9.0 Social Edition client.

So: I am thinking of moving from the iPad 2 to a iPad Mini and drop use of email and other stuff on my iPhone 4S. It will be easier to travel with and bring into meetings. On travel I bring my MacBook Air anyway – and the keyboard on the Air is much faster and responsive than the Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad.

Or should I keep the iPad 2 and wait for next generation and rather use my money on the iPhone 5? My iPhone 4S dropped into a bucket of water earlier, but with the help of an iPhone magician it was saved and still functions – though a bit slow.

Any advice out there? But please do not propose any Android solutions. I am an Apple devotee..