Should I change to iPad Mini..?

I am in a dilemma. And I need Your advice! Please help out!

In my daily work I use these tools: iMac at my Home Office, MacBook Air on travel and at Headquarter + iPad 2 with a Logitech ultra thin keyboard and iPhone 4S. The iPad I use for between 50 – 75 percent of my daily work. The iPhone I do not use very much for calling as I got phone integrated in my Notes 9.0 Social Edition client.

So: I am thinking of moving from the iPad 2 to a iPad Mini and drop use of email and other stuff on my iPhone 4S. It will be easier to travel with and bring into meetings. On travel I bring my MacBook Air anyway – and the keyboard on the Air is much faster and responsive than the Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad.

Or should I keep the iPad 2 and wait for next generation and rather use my money on the iPhone 5? My iPhone 4S dropped into a bucket of water earlier, but with the help of an iPhone magician it was saved and still functions – though a bit slow.

Any advice out there? But please do not propose any Android solutions. I am an Apple devotee..


  1. I would hold off on the iPad mini till the next generation unless you really need it now. The key to this one is the size – but it’s using some “lower end” components in the screen resolution and chip. I suspect those will be much improved in the next gen.
    Regarding the phone if you’re not under contract and can get the upgrade price it’s usually a good thing to stay current as that’s a significant discount then having to replace the phone while under contract. I use old phones as iPods for the kids. Though for the phone is also depends on where you want to be in the upgrade cycle. On the Major (4,5) or the Minor (“s”). Assuming nothing changes. I held off for a bit and now I’m on the Minor side of the cycle in regards to my contract and upgrading. Not the end of the world at all.

    Good Luck and have fun though with whatever you do.

    1. Thank you, David, for great input that gave me something to think about. Especially the bit about the iPad Mini. I should probably wait for next version even though one of my daughters are really longing to take over my iPad 2.. Maybe I should go for an iPhone upgrade to iPhone 5…

  2. Hi Arne
    I would keep the Ipad2 as your not getting anything more out of IPAD mini other then smaller screen. But get Iphone 5 its lighter and faster. IMO 🙂

  3. As someone who is using an iPad Mini I can say it is a great device. Maybe the next generation has more power but all I can say is: This thing is already fast, really fast.
    I also would prefer a slightly better resolution although my overall experience is “good enough”. The only thing I regret is that I took the 16 instead of 32GB device. My daughter loves the iPad Mini too and space is already filling up with her games and I still have to take the iPod touch for my music.
    I will correct this with the next iPad Mini generation. I have tried some Android devices too but the 4:3 format alone makes so much more sense to me. I also use it for reading books. For me the iPad Mini is a perfect companion.

  4. As one who is going mobile only or at least mobile mostly, for me it is a matter of form factor and function. Are there situations where an iPad mini would be too big to have with you, but an iPhone would be more useful? Which “pocket” would you carry your iPad mini in while bustling arouund town. The iPad is certainly useful (I have a BT keyboard for the office and one for travel) but there are times when even that size is not suitable. On the other hand….. an iPad mini would give you “multiple screens” until iOS integrates this finally.

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