I am ready for Connect 2013 – are you?


– Yes! I am ready for IBM Connect 2013 in Orlando, Florida, USA! And I will of course report from the event every day while I am there! Check out My Notes Blog daily from now on!

I have not attended this great event since 2010 when it was called Lotusphere 2010. Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridge and a lot of exciting things has happened to the Lotus brand of IBM Software Group.

Please do not expect a new article every 15th minute like in 2010. But do expect a short summary for each day and news stories in between. Maybe also some interviews with participants and speakers. Let us see what happens. I feel the old newspaper reporter inside me is urging to get started.

And if you, by any wild idea, have not registered yourself yet – do so NOW. This will be the most exciting event of the year if you are a tiny little bit interested in social collaboration, social business, new technologies, new business strategies and future trends.

Connect 2013 is a must attend event for those who want to be onboard the train to the future and not stay behind on the platform.

Read more about Connect 2013 and register here!

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