Now IBM Connections even integrates Microsoft Office 365

IBM Connections is built on an open platform. So open that you may integrate almost everything!

In the demo below, Michel from e-office demonstrates how you can use the Google App Engine to push events from Office365 into the IBM Connections activity stream. You can take a document and upload it to Office365, check-in, check-out etc and visualize from IBM Connections. You can even use the embedded experiences concept that IBM invented to interact with Office365 and preview files directly from IBM Connections.


  1. Hello,

    Great demo, however, there is absolutely no technical information except the first slide on how you achieved it. In the little info you show there is even a mistake since SharePoint-Hosted Apps cannot handle Remote Event Receivers so I guess that you chose either Auto-Hosted App or Provider-Hosted App for Office 365. Regarding authentication to IBM Connections, it seems that you go through OAuth but what about the inclusion of the Office document through Office Web Apps, it’s also OAuth but do you use the App-Only Policy to claim the OAuth token to SharePoint which would mean that users could potentially see documents that they are not allowed to view as per SharePoint ACLs?

    It would be great if you could share more info and limitations of your implementation.

    Best Regards


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