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How to motivate employees with social collaboration

Motivation! That is what makes us get out of bed in the morning, run through the shower and start our work day with a smile on our faces. But how do a company ensure the motivation of their employees?

Money was for many years the most used motivational incentive. Especially in sales organizations. Management seemed to believe that the only incentive that could make a sales rep run faster, do more calls, close more business – was money!

But modern and updated research has proven other incentives to be even better. The feeling of belonging, the culture, the colleagues, the personal development and the fact that an employees value to the company is being recognized – seem to have a greater influence on motivation than money only.

A great motivational factor is that your value to the company and the recognition is being visible to all. Like actors and musicians are dependent of the applause from the public to get inspiration and work happiness.

A company called TemboSocial has developed a software called The Hive that help companies doing just that. Their solutions reminds me of a theater stage where the actors impressive acting skills are shown and told – and where they also get their applause.

Let us have a look at what TemboSocial says about this in this video:

Integration with IBM Connections 4.0

This way of recognizing employees could also be done through internal social media og social collaboration systems. Her is a video showing how this is done with The Hive integrated with IBM Connections 4.0.