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IBM Notes + Evernote = True

ImageI use IBM Notes and IBM Connections. Both on my Mac’s and my iOS devices. But I also use Evernote.

IBM Notes and IBM Connections is only used for work stuff. That is how we collaborate and share within IBM. In a modern, smooth and very efficient way.

Evernote i use mostly for private stuff like web clippings and idea capture. And some work stuff that is not confidential. I do not trust the security neither on Dropbox, Box or Evernote. That is why I keep all my work secrets inside my IBM environment.

But, it might be that some would like to keep some information both in IBM Notes and Evernote. And that is possible with a special replication solution from TCL DigiTrade.

They say:

Lotus To EVERNOTE exports Lotus Notes documents into Evernote account and format. This way your Lotus Notes database information can be shared using the excelent  Evernote  application. This way you can spread out your data to iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tables, Windows Phone, Blackberry or make it available via web interface. And whats more, Evernote makes it offline.

Chek it out here!

One thought on “IBM Notes + Evernote = True

  1. What about the other way around? I’d like to synchronize local Evernote notebooks with Lotus Notes/Connections so that I can share them with Lotus users.


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