IBM – the most social business in the world!

At IBM we are not only talking about Social Business. We are a true social business. We walk the talk. We live it! Just watch the new social website IBM Voices! 

Skjermbilde 2013-01-22 kl. 12.34.15It is a well known fact that IBM brought the Social Business idea to its level where it is today. We don’t only develop the best social business technology, we also help lots and lots of other businesses and organizations all over to world to become true Social Businesses. We help their employees become more productive, more skilled, more engaged and get better work day. And as a result the companies perform better than their competitors.

So what? There are others than IBM that also claim they are true Social Businesses and have social collaboration solutions. Maybe so. But check out social media and see what company has the most active employees in the different social media channels. It’s IBM.

IBM’ers are the world biggest group of users on LinkedIn. No one can match them there. You will find that many, many IBM’ers have their own blogs where they share their professional knowledge with the rest of the world. And you find them in other channels as Twitter as well.

IBM’ers are living and breathing social 24/7. And we are encouraged by IBM to do so because sharing our knowledge with the rest of the world is good for each and one of us, for the rest of the world – and for IBM.

Now you can even find a new website where social IBM’ers can be followed. It has got the name IBM Voices, and off course you can blend in and participate!