No, #Lufthansa, I am not happy!

No, #Lufthansa! This is not good! It is really bad!

First, I had to get up at 05:30 to have a shower before I jumped into the car for a two and a half hour drive to get through security in due time for the flight to Frankfurt. No, that is not your fault.

But when I tried to check in on the check in machine in the Oslo terminal I did not get a luggage tab for my suitcase, only a boarding card to Frankfurt and a message that I would have to check in my luggage in Frankfurt. So how should I get my suitcase from Oslo to Frankfurt?

Well, off course I went to the check in desk where they checked my suitcase through all the way to Orlando, but I was told I had to get a new boarding card in Frankfurt.

But the Lufthansa airplane left 20 minutes after schedule from Oslo and for a while it looked like I would not get to Frankfurt in time for my connection to Orlando. The original schedule said I would have 55 minutes between connections. Plenty of time, but not so!

When landing in Frankfurt I had only thirty minutes until next flight and was told I had to run to the nearest transfer desk to get a new boarding card. But I did not have time for that. I had to run to the other end of the enormous terminal. It took me 27 minutes, included a waiting line for a new passport control and I had no time to get a new boarding card.

When I saw the gate your staff started to shout Run! Run! I got through the gate in a flash believing I was the last man and that all others were on board. But not so. Down the stairs there was a long line of hundreds of people waiting to get on board! So why did I have to run? What was the hurry? So you could close the gate and go for coffee?

Finally, on board, I find that the inflight entertainment system in my seat does not work. The monitor is dead. A nice stewardess tried to reset the system, but no result. So I had to sit there for 10 hours without any inflight movies. Thank God I brought my iPad!

But did we take off on time? No! We had to sit in the plane for one hour before anything seemed to happen! One hour! And your staff shouted Run! Run!

Well, I finaly reached Orlando. And lined up in the que to get through passport control. That took me one and a half hour! But happily I get through without any problem and find my way to the luggage pick up.

There is no suitcase!

Then I heard my name on the loudspeaker asking me to look for a Lufthansa employee. I did and was told that my suitcase was still in Frankfurt. The time between my connections was to short!

Too short? My airplane was parked at the gate for one hour after the gate closed!

So what now? Line up in a new que off course! For one more hour! Filling out a missing luggage form and getting a gift check of 50 dollars. 50 dollars? For being without toiletry, two suites, clean shirts, boxers, sox, medicine, electric converters and all the stuff one needs for a tough work week? Must be a joke!

Lufthansa, I am not impressed! And I am not looking forward to the flight back later this week.

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