Expect Cool! Wow! and Awesome! at tomorrows OGS #IBMConnect

The headline will not disappoint you. There will be tons and tons of exciting news and super duper new technologies when IBM Connect 2013 skyrockets at tomorrows Opening General Session.

I have had a look into some of the things that will be published tomorrow. And there are some awesome new technologies and research to be shown. I have seen things so amazing that I had to laugh. And I have seen stuff that made me dead silent – and that is not often.

One thing I can disclose: Everything is Social. And Social Changes Everything. It changes the way we work, it changes the way we do business, it changes our private lives and it changes each and one of us.

So be ready for tomorrows Opening General Session. Around 6.000 people will be there live – and many of you who are not here will log into the live streaming.

Here is the link. Fasten seat belts and enjoy!

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