My troublesome trip with #Lufthansa – part 2

– Thank You, Lufthansa!

This morning (EST-time) when I woke up, there was a red light blinking on the telephone in my hotel room. The bellman had left a message – Your lost luggage arrived. Just call and we will bring it to your room!

I called him, and just five minutes later I had that golden feeling of happiness. A long lost friend had come home. My medicine, that I had been without for nearly two days, my razor, my favorite toothbrush, my clean shirts, my tailor made suits from Hong Kong. And the two tubes of swedish caviar, Kalles Guld, I bought for a swedish friend here at #IBMConnect. It was all there.

So, thank you #Lufthansa, for bringing it to me. Better late than never. Now I am looking forward to what you in a twitter message to me described like this:

@mynotesblog Holding thumbs your journey back to Oslo will be as perfect as you expect it to be!

I hope that is just not a wish, but a fact!