What happened at IBM Connect 2013? A summary…

I guess you all expected me to blog each and every day from IBM Connect 2013. So did I, but there were so much going on that I simply did not find the time for it!

The tech news were so many, the presentations were so many, the product news were so many, the roadmaps were so many – and there were so many people! So I was too overwhelmed to get the concentration that was needed to do a proper reporting job. And you, my dear readers, deserve only the best!

But here are a few facts and the very best summary I have read so far on the web (Lisa Learned). But first some short facts:

  • 46 000 customers world wide are now using IBM Connections.
  • 1 500+ former Lotus Notes customers turned back to IBM Notes in 2012 after having had inactive license agreements the last years.
  • 2 000+ companies were represented among the participants at IBM Connect.
  • 10 % increase of participants at IBM Connect since last year.
  • Number of business management attendance nearly doubled. Attendance not only from IT, but also Human Relations, Marketing and other LoB.
  • 9 000+ individuals from 4 000 organizations has downloaded IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition public beta since late december 2012.
  • IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition will be available in march.
  • IBM Connections 4.5 will be available in march.
  • IBM Traveler will get To-Do’s.
  • IBM Docs is available for on-site as well as in IBM SmartCloud.
  • IBM’s roadmap includes Notes and Domino Next in 2015.

But to get all the details you better read the best summary I have seen on the web, namely Lisa Learned! Read and enjoy!