A Road Warriors most intimate needs

I travel a lot. I am what they call a “Road Warrior”. And it really is a fight!

There is not one week without at least a couple of days on business travel. It has been like that all my professional life. First as a journalist and press photographer. Later as a sales rep for IBM and now as a Collaboration & Social Business Evangelist for IBM Collaboration Solutions, former known as IBM Lotus.

I know what I need from a hotel: A good bed. A window than can be opened as I need fresh air to sleep well no matter outside temperature. I need a good warm shower. I need a good breakfast with fried eggs, bacon, juice and hot coffe.

Well, that is nothing special you say. But I need more. I need a good, stable and fast wifi free of charge. I need electricity outlets over the writing desk, not under. And I need two of them, or even better; three. One for my Mac Book Air, one for my iPad and one for my iPhone.

I hate crawling on the floor like a baby (too old for that) looking for outlets under beds, desks, tables, behind curtains and other obscure places. I hate the outlets at Disney hotels. The only place you find outlets there is in the bathroom – over the sink! Hello Mickey Mouse! Have you ever heard that electricity and water are not very good friends! That combination simply is a killer!

So, outlets over the writing desk is what I want. And one over my bedside table. To charge my iPhone while I sleep so i am sure the alarm wakes me in the morning. I also wake up now and then (yes, I am an old man) and get an idea that I want to tap down in my iPad. And I work in bed!

Minibar? OK, I like that, but do not care much about the alcohol. But I am a Pepsi Max junkie! Please fill your mini bars with my fluid from heaven, dear hotel managers!

So what hotels do I prefer? I love practical hotels like Thon Hotels and Scandic Hotels in Scandinavia. They have an electric “thing” that irons my trousers. The have a water cooker to make your own coffee or tea. They have good beds, clean rooms and fair enough service. I only miss some shoe shine…

So, what do I miss most while on travel? My wife, my dog and my cat! In that order!

What about you, dear reader? Let us hear about yor experiences, good ideas and preferences while traveling for business. You are welcome to air your views in the comments.