Lotus Notes is dead! IBM Notes is alive and kicking!

So you thought Lotus Notes was dead? You are right! Lotus Notes is dead! But IBM Notes is alive and kicking. More modern, new look and feel, new functions and very, very social!

IBM has removed the brand name “Lotus”. Off course! Lotus has never been a product, just a brand name. Notes has always been a software product – and still is!

ImageThe new IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition will be available to the market in March this year. With lots and lots of new capabilities that no other messaging client can offer. Due to its open standards the client is open for integration with almost any system and especially social media and solutions available from thousands of vendors.

So, if you have the chance, join the roadshows and user group meetings around the world in the time ahead. There you will get a demo of the new way of collaboration.

IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 is again becoming the hottest collaboration client on the market. In 2012 more than 1500 customer that had not renewed their license agreement for IBM Notes, came back to IBM and reactivated their license agreements. Why? Because they had done their evaluations of other mail clients like Outlook and Exchange and found that the IBM Notes and Domino roadmap lead them to the future – and the future is social!

An IBM study shows that 57% of CEO’s says that successful businesses are social. They have seen research from McKinsey that says Social Businesses become 20 – 25 % more productive than their competitors!

So – IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition, IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is – in my opinion – the strongest and best solutions for collaboration and sharing. They are the tools for becoming a true social and successful business.

Have look at what is new in IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition! Click!