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Norwegian or English – or both?

Dear reader!

This blog started many years ago as a news and comment channel for Norwegian readers – in Norwegian. But some time ago I wanted to reach a broader community across borders. So I changed to English.

But I often feel the need to take up special themes and stories that are only interesting for Norwegian readers – news that relates the Norwegian and the Nordic market.

So, I need YOUR advice:

1) Should I change back to Norwegian language for the whole blog?
2) Should I make special pages/sections in Norwegian?
3) Should I mix between English and Norwegian on the same pages?
4) Should I start a new blog paralell to this one?

Which alternative do YOU prefer? Or do YOU have other ideas on how to solve this?

Please advice by commenting!

Thanks for help!

14 thoughts on “Norwegian or English – or both?

  1. I vote for option 2: special pages for Norwegian readers ….. and Norwegian matters only.

    It’s my opinion.

    Thanks ¡



  2. Go for # 3 its just make more sense. Have one site for both. minimum afford to maintain.


  3. Do the same as Volker Weber (http://vowe.net/). He blogs in English if it’s for a wider audience, but uses German when he feels that particular post is for the German market only. It works just fine – so option 3 would be my recommendation. I see no point in hiding your Norwegian entries away from view!


  4. My LotusNotus blog is bilingual, Turkish and English. At start, I was writing the same post in both languages. But in time, I realized 3 problems:

    1. It’s so difficult,
    2. It was demotivating me about blogging,
    3. Some stuff are not targeting some folks (e.g. my observations about Turkish market are not interesting for US readers, or a comment on an ongoing discussion on PL is not interesting for Turkish users).

    Therefore my suggestion is doing 4. It works better to have two different blogs.


  5. Use option 3 🙂 It’s easy enough to skip the parts that are in Norwegian, and it’s no problem mixing the two…


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