I love my Pebble´s – at least the one that works!

– I love my Pebble! It keeps me updated anytime and everywhere!

Well, at least I love the one that works. The other was dead on arrival. It will be fixed. Pebble support is onto it.

I have had my Pebble on my wrist since saturday last week. And I have loved every minute and every second. Especially in meetings where I set my iPhone in silent mode and keep it inside my pocket.

When the Pebble vibrates discreetly on my wrist, I just give it a short glimpse in less than a half second, without the customer noticing, and I am updated. May it be a text message, an email, a todo or a incoming call. Without a sound. Without any disturbance.


Earlier this week I was doing a presentation for sixty people in Bergen, Norway. I asked the participants to ask questions during my presentation, but without putting their hand up in the air. Not everybody like to talk or ask querstions publicly.

So I asked them to ask me via text messaging. And they did! Questions popped up on my left wrist and I answered them promptly. The participants thought it was sooo cool. And so did I..!

I will be experimenting with the daily use of my Pebble as the weeks go and I will publish what I learn here.

And if YOU have any user ideas or experiences – please share in the comments here!

Pebble on!

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