What hit us? Microsoft got the news about IBM Notes 9.0

Social Email, IBM Notes 9.0. Bad news for Microsoft and their old fashioned electric letters aka email.

Festung ( german for Fortress) Microsoft is under attack. They are loosing market share. And many of their SharePoint customers ask for more than just document copying between sites. They ask for Social Business and they ask for IBM Connections.

From now on they will also ask for Social Email and not only good old in/out aka Microsoft Outlook. Social Email known as IBM Notes 9.0 will now attack them from all sides, threatening their historically world domination.

Social Email will be hitting them – and hitting hard. And they will sit in their bunker, shivering and knowing that there are no good outloook for Outlook.

Social is going to get yah!

Have fun!

(Found this video on YouTube. Published for the fun of it. Have a nice weekend).