Social Email changes your life!

Yeah! I know that you have heard about email. And I know that you hate it!

I know that you know that 68.8 percent of all email is SPAM. I know that email is not the most efficient way to communicate and share knowledge and ideas. I know that you gets loads and loads of them every day. And that they disturb your thinking, your creativity and the plans you had for what you were going to do today. Yeah, I know that these are some of the reasons you hate email.

But hey, there is help on it’s way!

There is something new going on. There is something called Social Email. And it makes your daily work life easier – even without murdering your inbox before it kills you. Social Email makes your work day smoother – and let you decide how you want to work and do your stuff.

In a very short time you will have Social Email on your desktop. And it will make it possible for you to share files directly without sending them as attachments in an email. It will make it possible for you to share your ideas and updates directly to your social tools – without sending an email. It will make it possible for you to stay in control of your activities and collaborate with your colleagues without sending email.

Yes, it is true – it will make your life easier!

Whether you are on a Microsoft, Apple or Linux platform. Social Email will give you a new life!

I already got it. Tested it in a beta version for quite a while now. Installed the final version today. And it works so smooth! It integrates whatever you want to integrate. Easily.

So, as soon as it hits the market – go get it. Do not wait a second. Your life is too short.

What is it called?

IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition.

And all I can say is: Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail or whatever you call yourselves, you old fashioned clients – you’re so yesterdays news!