Your job will change and this is what will disappear

Everything changes when technology changes. And when technology changes our job changes. And lot’s of  traditional work tools will simply disappear.

LinkedIn asked more than 7,000 members of their professional network in 18 countries what office supplies would go away the next five years. And the answers was quite interesting.

  1. Tape Rcorders are expected to be gone by 2017, according to 17 % of the respondents.
  2. Zip Drives will decline as the market for cloud computing grows from 40,7 billion USD to mote than 241 billion USD by 2020.
  3. Palm Pilots will disappear along with other PDA’s. They are already on their way out of the market and declined 94 % between 2002 and 2012.
  4. Cubicles are on their way out and replaced by open offices, collaborative and shared space. 19 % of the LinkedIn respondents expected cubicles to disappear within five years.
  5. Desktop Computers will be replaced by tablets, if we are to believe the respondents. According to the research company, Forrester, consumers are expected to buy 375 million tablets world wide by 2016.
  6. Rolodexes gets more and more irrelevant due to social networks and smartphones.
  7. Fixed Work Hours are on the death row. Already in 2008, according to Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 79 % of employers allowed some works to periodically change their arrival and departure time at office. This was up 68 % from 1998.
  8. Business Attire is no longer as strict as it used to be. Casual Friday will sooner or later be more or less the whole week.

Source: Fortune Magazine