How productive does social media make you?

753935021 Is this how you work and collaborate with your colleagues and customers? Yes? Really? I do not envy you your work situation!

I don’t know how many apps, solutions, channels and software I have tested to become more productive, and get more done within the 24 hours I have every day. They are many. Too many. And I have probably used too much time to test them out instead of of doing my priority tasks.

These days I am cleaning up and deleting applications from my two Mac’s – the one on the desktop and the one I carry around. And I do the same on my devices – my iPad and iPhone. I go for less is more!

Why I do this? Don’t I need specialized apps to do the different tasks? No! No! No!

The less applications I use, the better I become of using each and one of them! And the better I become, the less time I spend when I use them. Things simply goes faster! I become more productive!

And, the more apps you have on the iPad or desktop – the lesser focused you get. So why not make today your own “clean up and make things simpler day”?