New name and new layout for My Notes Blog

Dear reader!

As You have observed already I am experimenting with a new name and a new layout on my blog. The final decision is  not done yet and I will test out some designs and also do some experimenting on the content side in the time ahead.

I want to bring more content and news not only on my traditional stuff that has been based on news, comments and thoughts on IBM collaboration software and social business. Now I want to bring more content on other matters that I think is important, and that I believe I know something about – like productivity, time management, self improvement and how to work more efficient to get a better personal life.

But, as a true social collaboration enthusiast, I can not do this without Your help. So please engage with comments, tips, news and proposals for what I can do better. This is not only My Blog – it is Our Blog!




  1. I like the clean layout. It may be me, but even though the font looks ‘pretty’, it looks a little blurry on my monitor. It could also be my tired eyes.


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