Social Email vs Ordinary Email – here is the difference!

Social Email? Just another buzzword for old fashioned email? Same shit – new wrapping?

Not so. Social Email is something much much more than standard email like you find it in Microsoft’s Outlook or Apple’s Mail. They are both what I call the “old fashioned in and out”. Social Email has a lot more functions than sending and receiving email, calendar and to-do functionality. Social email integrates social collaboration tools like activity streams, embedded experiences and lots of plugins that make your work day a lot more productive. It simply gives you an easier work day!

Here is a new and updated video on some of the functions in IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition – leading edge within collaboration and productivity improvement.


  1. Sorry Arne, to pull you up on a product that I think is great. But Notes mail does not have all these wonderful things unless you have Connections installed. Whilst connections is a wonderful product, its just to big and expensive for SMB business, well the smaller ones anyway, yes the Notes license allows you to have some of them, but you still have to install Connections on a separate server. Thtas a lot of expense for a small business. I have several customers that have around 50 mail users and the business have a T/O of $10 a year. They have invested money in a Domino server and obviously clients etc. But then to say that they have to buy another server to become “Social” is just too much.

    Connections is for big companies, most of your blogs are aimed at big companies. However you forget SMB’s at you peril, the big companies already have there systems, its the SMB market that is where the expansion is.


    1. 1) Yes, You have to install IBM Connections to get some of these functionalities. But not all.
      2) If you feel it is too expensive for a small SMB to go for IBM Connections – you could choose the cloud version – which is a service at a far lower pricing.
      3) The smallest SMB in Norway using a full scale IBM Connections version has four -4- employees, so I do not agree that Connections is only for big companies.
      4) And I personally know tiny SMB’s using the cloud version with only two -2- users.


    2. > But Notes mail does not have all these wonderful things unless you have Connections installed.

      From that demo only the following needs connections.

      – “Invite to my Network”
      – Check network updates.
      – Add file from Files sidebar.

      Everything else in that demo does not need Connections. Connections uses the OpenSocial for embedded experience, but you can render OpenSocial components from Domino/3rd parties without needing connections.


  2. 😦 IBM is not capable to make an “old fashioned in and out mail” application and now they say that is better to integrate “social” . The cost of operating the Connections servers must not be ignored. How many new major releases, FixPacks and patches will be realesed per year, how many bugs fixed on each.


      1. Answers
        1) No, I haven’t seen it. Only presentations. 😦 I am too busy supporting our users (>40K) on 851 FP5, migrating to 853 FP2, fighting bugs, bad interface, etc…
        2) With what do you want me to compare the in/out email? With Social email? I don’t know anyone using Social email and having an answer for your question. Do you know any published material to say that is less productive? I’ve seen reports on how Social Collaboration is more productive, but Social email is not social collaboration. Why not start working on Connections and use the email widget ? That is more close to social collaboration.


        1. 1) Too bad. You should test it when you have the opportunity.
          2) Social Email is when social functionalities like file sharing, microblogging, activity streams etc. (i.e. IBM Connections) is integrated in the email client. McKinsey research shows that a company may improve productivity up to 25 % starting to use social collaboration functionalities – and yes, I agree that one could use the mail and calendar widget in IBM Connections.

          The reason I love IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition is that IBM Connections is integrated with it, and so are a lot of other applications that I use in my daily work.

          Good luck with you upgrades. Why not jump right to 9.0?


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